• You can find a full list of Classes here , with details and associated mechanics. Only First-Party classes are accepted.
  • Gunslinger and all associated firearms/grit mechanics are out, unless someone can give me a compelling reason (i.e. an awesome character concept) to include it.
  • Summoners are also out, because they're f'ing broken. Again, give me an awesome character concept and we can work something out.
  • If you can cast spells of any kind, you can use Words of Power . Basically, you trade in potency for flexibility. You essentially 'create' spells from first principles instead of executing existing spells you've learned/memorized/acquired. Particularly useful for immediate casters like sorcerers.
  • Every accepted class can be customized thematically (skinned), as long as the mechanics remain mostly the same (e.g. swapping out the type of animal your pet is, assuming it's a similar animal).