Crow Street Sureties is an customs and import bonding company which operates out of an office on Crow Street in the Warehouse District. They are authorized by the crown to grant import bonds on restricted goods such as magical items to allow them to pass through the city.

To do this, Crow Street Sureties pays a bond to the crown which is recoverable when the goods leave the city. They in turn charge a fee to the importer for this service, and ensure that the importer does not unseal their package, sell it within the city, etc. When things do go wrong, Crow Street Sureties has a number of recovery experts who are well known for their skills in tracking down missing goods and extracting the debt from importers who attempt to evade them. While it is generally believed that magical trade goods often escape into the city's black markets, Crow Street Sureties has a reputation for enforcing their bonds strictly.