The Church of Dagon is the primary church of the city of Blackbay . The ruler of the city, Cyril III , is also the high priest of the Church.

Dagon's church rose to power after the events of the Day of Darkness. They were able to use divine magic to put up barriers between the ravaged Barrows and the rest of the city.

Offshoots of this Church were also responsible for the foundation of Easthaven (then called Meridian), before being removed from power in a revolt that resulted in the city becoming a democratic city-state.

Please note that while this god shares a name with another god in the Pathfinder pantheon, they are not the same deity.

Outside the Church Edit

Scroll Valentine the Younger
Monk and scribe of the Church of Dagon in Blackbay. From his Remarks on Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy.

While Dagon has been known to the people of this land since first they set foot here, the Church of Dagon is relatively new, as the very idea of a "church" was only brought to this land with the people of the old world. Early followers taught Dagon's word by telling one another stories. There were precious few dedicated scholars and scribes, which means that the true word of Dagon was often obscured or misunderstood by the natives.

These misunderstandings are numerous, and have been a constant challenge to our scholars and clergy in this land. While many have come to understand the righteousness of the church, there are still individuals and tribes who follow their old traditions. The most common misunderstandings involve Dagon's involvement in weather and fertility in response to individuals' or communities' actions of the recent past, but more subtle and dangerous beliefs can also be found. Many tribes know little of Dagon's abhorrence of arcane magic. This can largely be accounted for, as less civilized people rarely have a true understanding of the distinction between divine and arcane magics, but it is a grave misunderstanding, and leaves the door open for much trouble, as we have seen here in Blackbay.

Working to bring the people of the country here into our fold is therefore important. We do this by showing them Dagon's protection, providing education and care to their wounded. We show them the true word of Dagon, and in time, their eyes open.