Session NotesEdit

Sebastian Sebastian

"Dagon's will can be felt most readily when we give up control and allow his hand to guide us." A cleric of Dagon whose theological beliefs have led him to seek his fortune outside the church.

I received word last night that the League of Eyes had some work they were interested in me taking care of. Though not yet desperate, I could certainly use the work, and I hoped luck would smile on me with this assignment. It seems I made the right choice.

Arriving at the League's office in the Merchant's Quarter this morning, I meet Fabian the Fat and four other fellows. Fabian describes the job which smells like the fish market on a summer's evening -- something's rotten. The job is for the five of us to go pick up a book from a dealer on the other side of the district. Who sends five armed men to pick up a book? But wait, it turns out the League has been having many such deliveries stolen or intercepted. And this book is the journal of a mage of some significance. Things are looking up.

We head over to the book shop and talk along the way. We have a good group here. I think we'll work together well.

We're soon at Nimblequill's Tomes, where we meet the proprietor Marith Nimblequill. I immediately take a liking to her; she reminds me of one of the librarians at the seminary. She quickly goes to her private safe to retrieve the book, only to discover it's gone missing, much to her surprise, though little to ours.

Just then, four thugs walk through the front door. They too are looking for the book, and are threatening violence. Thanks to Gilroy's quick thinking, we're able to convince them to take another book from the collection. They even considered paying us for it, though judging from their appearance, I doubt we could've gotten a very good price from them anyway.

We investigated and found the names of two potential buyers of the tome. It also appeared that an intruder likely entered through the chimney, though the particular details of the burglary are still unclear.

So now, we're traveling back to the League's office with Marith to get her some protection and to discuss the situation with the League.

DM's NotesEdit

Characters were awarded 200XP for their efforts.