Character creation Edit

Some things to keep in mind during your character creation:

  • No elves, no dwarves, gnomes, half-orcs, half-dwarves.
  • Yes to halflings.
  • Selkies are a reskinned elf with water breathing, swimming and a much more limited, human length, life (they don't get any of the elven immunites or stuff listed either).
  • The more work you do on character background, the more likely I am to give you extra skill points to reflect your character's life experience. Building an interesting character will make your DM happy, and a happy DM will give you skill points.
  • No true resurrection, speak with dead, alignment detection spells, truth telling/detection spells, mind reading, and only limited divination (other spells such as Undectable Alignment no longer serve a use). You're solving mysteries, people.
  • No evil player characters, and no player characters that are seriously going to impede the fun of other players (like by being an asshole).

Contributing to the wiki Edit

The wiki is here not only to impart information to the players, but also so that everyone can do a little bit of shared worldbuilding. You should try to run things by User:Sensibletron when you're making changes to the world, but she'll do her best to approve things.

We've also found it helpful in the past to write about things from a specific character's perspective. We've set up some templates to help format this. There is a generic template for a byline which is Template:By. For commonly-used characters, we can also set up specific byline templates to make using them easier, as in the case of Template:By Ethelred. The template pages should explain how to use that template, but if you need technical help with this, feel free to ask User:Bendotc.

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Finally, each wiki page can also have an associated talk page, which is accessed via the talk link at the top of the page. Feel free to use this to discuss things with other users on the wiki, and look for new comments there when you're considering editing a page.